In the beginning…

It was around 2010 that I first published a small little B&W zine called Spare Parts. It was a collection of sketchbooks drawings and other bits and pieces, hence the name. In the ensuing years my comics work came in fits and starts. For some reason it was hard to stick to a particular direction. I ended up with a loose collection of comics and thinking back to that old zine of collected drawings, I had an idea.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr.

The idea was to resurrect the name Spare Parts, and use it to collect the comics that I make. The comics could be single pages that may or may not tie together, or a combination of short and longer stories. The zine would give me a place to be experimental and try out different things.

In addition to this. I was also dissatisfied with how you could present and share comics on the web. I’m a big believer in digital and think it’s fantastic for many things. But after many attempt and various social media platforms, I didn’t feel like there was an appropriate way to share the comics I wanted to make; Or to develop the relationship I wanted with the reader.

This website bridges those two things, the print and the digital. The website will be a place to showcase and make available the physical books and other artistic items that I would like to share.

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